Since we switched to Give Lively early 2020, we received no honor/tribute gifts from donors (we get a few dozens of them per year). I think it has a lot to do with Small Token platform and it is discouraging our donors from making honor/tribute gifts.
These are a few complains I got from two of my donors who decided to call me instead of making gift using Small token.
  1. don't feel comfortable being routed to another site to make donation.
  2. don't like to being asked to sign up to a third party app in order to make a donation.
  3. want to have an option to send a physical card--not e-card.
It is not only impacting our revenue, but our relationships with donors who like making honor/tribute gifts regularly. I'd really appreciate it if your team can look into this (hopefully make some changes before the End of Year campaign) and make it more donor-friendly.