Latest Updates - May 7, 2021
We continue to pursue minor enhancements to the look and feel of our donation tools and forms.
In the interest of both Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance and further refining the user experience, these changes include everything from small size adjustments on buttons and fields to refining how texts wrap.
An important update has been posted in the Nonprofit Admin Portal preparing nonprofit users for an email verification step they will soon have to take.
In anticipation of an added layer of security, we are asking all Nonprofit Admin Portal users to ensure that they can access the emails associated with their logins. Anyone unable to do so is requested to replace their login email with an active one and avoid the risk of losing access to the Nonprofit Admin Portal and the Give Lively services available through it. Learn how to add or delete users of the Nonprofit Admin Portal.
Nonprofit admins are now able to delete a peer-to-peer fundraiser who is a team leader and has not yet raised any funds.
Previously, while admins were able to delete the pages of individual fundraisers who had not yet raised any money, this was not an option if a fundraiser was a team leader. Learn how to set up and use Peer-to-Peer Fundraising.
Latest Updates - April 30, 2021
Optimizations to our Leaderboard pages have increased Leaderboard search speeds.
Leaderboard pages provide a ranked view of peer-to-peer and team fundraisers, and a search tool makes it easy to pull up specific fundraisers or teams. Search results now appear faster than ever. Learn how to set up the Leaderboard.
Full event description texts now appear in Yahoo! calendar invites when triggered by the
Add To Calendar
tool on Event Ticketing pages
. Recently, event descriptions weren’t appearing in Yahoo! calendars for events that had no end date. A fix for this situation irons out an additional wrinkle in last week’s Yahoo! calendar fix. Learn more about how to build an Event Ticketing page.
Latest Updates - April 23, 2021
We are continuing to work toward compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
through improvements to our donation tools and forms. While overall look and operations remain unchanged, we have made slight but important updates, such as darker borders and better color contrasts. Stay tuned for more adjustments.
We have updated our
See Our Tech in Action
page, where we share inspiring and creative examples of how Give Lively members fundraise on our platform.
Links to 27 real fundraising pages showcase the use of Campaign Pages (Story Template and Default Template), Donation Widgets (Simple Widgets and Branded Widgets), Text-to-Donate, Event Ticketing (virtual events and past in-person events), Peer-to-Peer Fundraising and Team Fundraising.
We have restored the ability to place an image and impact story alongside the custom donation field of Story Template Campaign Pages.
After temporarily suspending this feature last week, it is now back in place. Learn how to add donation amounts and impact stories to a Campaign Page.
Two repairs have been made to
Add to Calendar
functionality on Event Ticketing pages:
  • The obstacle to adding events to Yahoo! calendars has been eliminated.
  • We’ve worked through a hiccup with pound signs (the # symbol) in event descriptions. Full event descriptions now appear in calendar invites, whereas any text following the # symbol had been cut off.
Latest Updates - April 16, 2021
Nonprofit admins are again able to delete peer-to-peer fundraisers.
A bug fix has restored this ability to remove the pages of individual fundraisers who have not raised any money. Learn how to set up and use Peer-to-Peer Fundraising.
Latest Updates - April 5, 2021
Links to virtual events can be made private.
When we first launched built-in virtual/livestreamed event links to online events, the links automatically appeared on public-facing Event Ticketing pages for all to see. You can now choose whether to keep this public or, instead, make it private only for donors and ticket purchasers. In the latter case, the virtual/livestreamed event link will be shared in the receipt email automatically sent to donors and ticket purchasers. Learn how to set the visibility of your virtual/livestreamed event link — see item number 4(2).
To help with organization, new
tabs have been added to several index pages in the Nonprofit Admin Portal
, each of them showing paginated lists as follows:
  • On the Campaign index page, the tabs contain current and past campaigns, respectively.
  • On the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Pages index page, the tabs are for fundraiser pages associated with current and past campaigns, respectively. (P2P Fundraising Pages appear under the
    tab when the Campaign Page with which they are associated is closed.)
  • On the Events index page, the tabs show current and past campaigns, respectively.
A search tool has been added to (both tabs on) the Events index page in the Nonprofit Admin Portal.
This adds to search tools already in place on all tabs of the Campaigns, P2P Pages and Teams index pages. On the Events index page, search results will return any event
in a tab
that includes the desired term, whether it is all or part of a word or phrase. Thus a search for
will reveal events like
Bob's lesson
Bobby's call to action
Kebob time
Optimizations to our Event Ticketing pages have increased operational speeds.
Event Ticketing pages display more quickly and shareable CSVs of event data load more quickly. Learn how to build an Event Ticketing page and how to use the “Shareable CSV” feature.
A fix has unblocked fundraisers looking to set up Peer-to-Peer Fundraising pages.
For nonprofits that have enabled Team Fundraising, some prospective fundraisers had been unable to set up their own fundraising pages without first creating or joining a team. That is no longer the case. Learn how to set up and use Peer-to-Peer Fundraising and set up Team Fundraising.
Latest Updates - March 26, 2021
A Campaign Page opting for
No Media
in the
Primary Media
selector automatically passes this status to any new Peer-to-Peer Fundraising page associated with it.
This corrects cases where fundraisers inherited a default image instead of no media. Fundraisers retain the ability to select their own hero image when they personalize a fundraising page. Learn how to use the 'Primary Media' selector on Campaign Pages (list item #3). Learn how to set up and use Peer-to-Peer Fundraising.
Latest Updates - March 19, 2021
Nonprofit admins can now remove fundraisers from teams.
In the Nonprofit Admin Portal, admins can, in one click, uncouple any individual fundraiser from a team, except the team leader. Learn how to set up Team Fundraising, including specific instructions about how to remove fundraisers from teams.
The dedication feature on donation widgets is again functioning normally.
In some cases, when widgets were embedded in a form, donors who clicked on the
Dedicate This Gift
button saw the full page refresh but the dedication window did not open. That has been repaired. Learn how to use embeddable widgets.
Latest Updates - March 12, 2021
Virtual Location
links on Event Ticketing pages are now clickable.
Last week we announced the addition of a place for a built-in virtual/livestreamed event link to online events. When it launched, those links appeared as text without a hyperlink, but now they are active. Learn more about how to add an Event Location on Event Ticketing pages (see item number 4).
To protect against inadvertent Salesforce data clearing, we have added a
Danger Zone
warning in the
Salesforce Home
tab of nonprofits using our Salesforce integration.
This warning is located behind the
Go to Salesforce Setting and Logs
button in the
tab of the
Organization Settings
page in the Nonprofit Admin Portal. The red-colored warning includes the buttons to
Clear Salesforce Credentials
Clear Salesforce IDs
, with comprehensive explanations about the risks of using them. Learn how to integrate our platform with Salesforce.
New code optimizations now expedite the act of removing team members from Team Fundraising campaigns.
Team leaders have the ability to remove team members from teams. This process is now faster and more reliable. Learn how to set up Team Fundraising, see our best practices guide for peer-to-peer team leaders and view a walkthrough of a Team Fundraising page.
Completed donations no longer prompt an email to donors asking for confirmation of their email address (to access the Donor Portal).
While the Donor Portal is a useful tool for donors, who do need to confirm their email address to create a user account for it, the email asking for confirmation is again only being sent to users actively creating a Donor Portal user account. Learn more about what and where the Donor Portal is.
Latest Updates - March 5, 2021
At a time of rising anti-Asian rhetoric and attacks, we at Give Lively stand in solidarity with the Asian American community
and those who support it. We have published a statement to this effect, along with a list of member nonprofits that work with Asian American communities.
In light of the nonprofit community’s ongoing reliance on virtual events,
Event Ticketing page functionality has been expanded
to include two new features:
  • place for a built-in virtual/livestreamed event link to online events
    - This can be set up as an alternative or addition to a Google Maps address for in-person events;
  • the option to show
    To Be Determined
    for both in-person and virtual events
    that do not yet have fixed locations.
Latest Updates - February 19, 2021
Earlier this week, we sent an email showcasing our latest product updates, new features and what’s coming soon
on our powerful, practical and free fundraising platform. View the email here.
You can also look back in this changelog for more information about these new and/or improved features, including:
New Features
Product Upgrades
For what’s coming soon and next on deck, check out the email!
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