Latest update - September 23, 2022
We improved campaign mapping in the Give Lively for Salesforce app.
First, we added a new
Salesforce Mapping
tab to existing campaigns in the Nonprofit Admin Portal. This displays several mapping options, including the ability to map to existing Salesforce campaigns. Second, we added a new Salesforce campaign mapping preferences screen that appears when new Campaign Pages are created. Learn how to configure campaign mapping in Give Lively’s Salesforce integration. SF mapping_OP1
Latest update - September 22, 2022
A new Give Lively Bot is helping streamline our customer support live-chat capability.
The Salesforce Einstein Bot improves initial information collection so that live Give Lively agents can provide quick, individualized service as soon as they’re available. Learn how to contact our Member Support Team.
Latest update - September 1, 2022
Over the coming months, we’ll gradually roll out the ability for donors to make a voluntary contribution (not tax-deductible) to Give Lively through the donation forms we power.
With Give Lively’s growth has come nonprofits’ rising desire for more than the responsive, efficient and reliable service we have always prioritized and to which our founder-funders have decisively pledged unwavering support. Accepting contributions from a broader pool of philanthropists opens the door for new benefactors to join forces with our founder-funders in supporting the nonprofit community. We call this donor-powered generosity “pay free forward” because donor contributions to Give Lively extend the reach and capability of our free products and services, thus helping the nonprofit community direct millions of dollars to their critical work, not digital fundraising software. Learn more about how voluntary donor contributions to Give Lively “pay free forward”.
Latest update - August 31, 2022
Giving Basket nonprofits can now add a date filter to various reports in the Reports Portal.
By applying a start date and end date (MM/DD/YYYY format), users can filter data to the appropriate date range for the following reports: Line Items (Giving Basket), Transfers and Checks. Learn what information is available in the Reports Portal.
Latest update - August 26, 2022
Nonprofits receiving funds via the Giving Basket and who have applied but not yet been approved for Give Lively membership are again able to invite new admin users to manage their account.
Prior to the fix, new admin invitees would see “This page does not exist” when they clicked the link in the invitation email. Learn how you can receive future Giving Basket payments via automatic direct deposit, not a check and add or delete users of the Reports Portal.
We corrected a couple of bugs that affected the ability to duplicate Campaign Pages:
  • Duplicating a Campaign Page a second time no longer triggers an error page.
  • Campaign Pages that have been duplicated more than once retain the associated impact stories, images and custom donation amounts, as expected.
Learn the power of impact stories in our ultimate guide to designing successful Campaign Pages.
We realigned design elements in the Reports Portal to prevent overlapping.
The “Chat with an expert” button at the bottom right of the screen no longer obscures any page numbers. Learn about what information is available in the Reports Portal.
cl 8_23_22
Latest update - August 17, 2022
The Reports Portal menu now shows “Giving Basket Data” as the sidebar category under which Giving Basket on-screen reports are listed.
The three on-screen reports are:
  • "Line Items (All)” with general summary donor data
  • “Transfers” with summary donor data from contributions disbursed via direct deposit
  • “Checks” with summary donor data from contributions disbursed via check.
In all three reports, clickable line items reveal more information about that line item. Learn more about branding the Reports Portal and what information is in it.
Giving Basket Data cl8_16_OP1
Latest update - August 9, 2022
Specific error messages are now shown if a donor encounters an issue when paying by card via the Giving Basket.
Inherited from the payment processor Stripe, these new error messages ensure the donor is aware of why a card has been declined. For example, this could be because of insufficient funds or because the card has expired. Learn who made donations to your organization through Giving Basket and what third-party processing fees are involved in using the Giving Basket.
Latest Update - August 4, 2022
Peer-to-peer fundraisers are once again able to log out during the creation or editing of a fundraising page.
For a short time, a bug triggered an error page when a fundraiser attempted to log out while working on a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising page. Learn how to build an individual Peer-to-Peer Fundraising page.
All event addresses are appearing normally on Event Ticketing pages.
For a brief time, street addresses were not appearing on the published Event Ticketing page if the address had been entered manually, rather than using the search function. Learn how to build an Event Ticketing page.
Latest Update - August 3, 2022
We have branded the Reports Portal.
Built to provide Giving Basket donor data to nonprofits that have not applied for Give Lively membership or have a pending membership application, the Reports Portal is now clearly named at the bottom of the left-hand navigation. Learn what information is in the Giving Basket donor data within the Reports Portal.
Reportsportalbranding cl_OP1
Latest Update - July 21, 2022
An error message now appears if a Give Lively member nonprofit admin attempts to connect Give Lively to their Salesforce org before they have installed the Give Lively for Salesforce app.
This new error message will ensure users understand the correct order of events for integrating Salesforce and Give Lively. Learn how to install or upgrade the Give Lively for Salesforce application and how to integrate our platform with Salesforce.
alert 7_19 SF CL
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