Latest Update - May 13, 2022
Automatic Giving Basket email receipts for recurring donations are sending normally again.
For a short time, a bug prevented our system from sending email receipts for some recurring Giving Basket donations paid via direct debit/ACH. Reminder: Nonprofits are not required to send Giving Basket donors a receipt because Give Lively does it automatically.
Latest Update - May 12, 2022
We continue to update the Give Lively for Salesforce app to streamline access to data.
Phone numbers collected from event ticket purchases will now populate the standard phone field in Salesforce when contacts are created via sync. See our Salesforce integration logic and fields, app versions 1.3 and later.
Latest Update - May 11, 2022
A new user management tool has been added to the Giving Basket donor data portal.
The new
User Management
page empowers nonprofits that are not Give Lively members to add or delete portal users. Give Lively member nonprofits that receive Giving Basket donations can already add and delete admins through the Nonprofit Admin Portal. Learn how nonmember nonprofits can add or delete users of the Giving Basket donor data portal and how Give Lively members can add or delete users of the Nonprofit Admin Portal.
Latest Update - May 6, 2022
Several minor copy enhancements have been made to the Give Lively membership application and login screens.
The most important of these is a warning message to anyone who tries to apply for a new nonprofit membership account using an email address already associated with an existing member account. It’s a helpful reminder that nonprofit admins can't use the same email address for more than one account. Learn more about how to apply for Give Lively membership.
email already exists cl 5_5_OP02
continue to improve
the user experience of our anti-card testing software.
Donors who may have been misidentified as card testers by our anti-card testing software can now pick up where they left off in the donation process without having to reenter their information. Learn how strongly we believe in data privacy and security, what security precautions are used to protect credit card information and how to protect against credit card testing.
Information added to the page description on Campaign Pages (Default Template) and Core Profiles is now automatically left-aligned.
Previously it was centered. Learn how to build a Campaign Page and the difference between Campaign Pages and the Core Profile.
In the Giving Basket Reports portal, the on-screen
Line Items (Giving Basket)
report now includes a
Fractional Disbursement Fee
In this column, we show the $0.85 per-check processing fee applied proportionally across the line items included in each check. The existing
Net Amount
column has been updated to account for the fractional disbursement fee deductions. Learn what information is found in the "Line Items (Giving Basket)" report.
Latest Update - May 5, 2022
Donors paying via bank transfer/ACH are once again able to select a preferred bank account.
This is especially important when multiple accounts are available. Learn about Plaid, the industry-leading service that gives donors the ability to donate via ACH (direct debit from a bank account), the most cost-effective way to give.plaid choose account cl 5_5_OP1
Downloadable CSVs of donor data again record the answers to all additional checkout questions.
The downloadable CSV had not been showing the answers to additional custom questions when donors paid using digital wallets (Apple Pay or Google Pay). Learn how to enable digital wallets; add additional checkout questions to the donation form in the Core Profile, on Campaign Pages and on Event Ticketing pages; and download donor data from the Nonprofit Admin Portal.
Latest Update - May 4, 2022
We have launched our new brand guidelines!
This new section of our website includes our media kit, as well as logo, color, typography and imagery conventions to help internal and external stakeholders maintain consistent branding. Check out the brand new brand guidelines.
Latest Update - April 30, 2022
New on-screen reports have been added to the Giving Basket Reports portal as part of our continuous effort to improve the user experience and streamline access to data.
The 100-character limit on additional checkout questions (currently in beta) is now clearly explained.
Nonprofits are able to add an additional checkout question to the donation form on Core Profiles, Campaign Pages and Event Ticketing pages. Instructions now make the character limit clear in the Nonprofit Admin Portal and the Resource Hub. Learn how to add additional checkout questions to the donation form in the Core Profile, on Campaign Pages and on Event Ticketing pages.
Additional question changelog 4_26 copy
Latest Update - April 29, 2022
After a brief absence, the Double the Donation module is appearing again on all Give Lively donation confirmation pages.
When a donor completes a donation, the follow-up page thanks them for the donation and invites them to search for their employer to identify any gift-matching programs, an excellent way to increase fundraising revenue. Learn how to integrate with Double the Donation.
DtD Changelog 4_29
Latest Update - April 22, 2022
We’ve added new controls to prevent duplicate automatic emails from being sent.
For a short time, our system delivered more than one “Application in Review” email to a small number of nonprofits that applied for Give Lively membership. Learn about the Give Lively membership application process.
We fixed a bug that affected updates to the timeframes during which tickets are available for purchase on Event Ticketing pages.
Nonprofits can set and edit specific date ranges for the sale of event tickets. The ability to edit that timeframe is again functioning optimally. Learn how to use our Ticket Builder to create ticket tiers, group tickets, table tickets, sponsorships and more when building an Event Ticketing page.
Changelog 4_20_OP01
Latest Update - April 21, 2022
The Simple Donation Widget now adapts to a nonprofit’s chosen brand color.
Donation Widgets inherit the brand color of the associated Campaign Page. Learn how to customize Campaign Pages.
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