Latest Update - September 16, 2021
The recommended dimensions and formats of the primary images on all donation pages have been standardized and updated.
Throughout the Nonprofit Admin Portal, primary images are recommended to be high quality, 2000x1200 pixels (5:3 aspect ratio) and in JPG, JPEG, PNG or GIF file formats. This is the case for Core Profiles (where it’s referred to as a background image), Campaign Pages (Default and Story templates), Event Ticketing pages, Peer-to-Peer Fundraising pages and Team Fundraising pages. Learn how to upload primary images on Core Profiles, on Campaign Pages (see bullet 3b), on Event Ticketing pages (see bullet 2a), on Peer-to-Peer Fundraising pages and on Team Fundraising pages (see item 15).
Latest Update - September 15, 2021
Code improvements have resolved all intermittent issues with the
Donate via Bank Account
functionality on donation forms.
For a short time, the
button sometimes had to be clicked twice for bank donations to go through. Learn how to troubleshoot donations made via ACH/direct debit.
Latest Update - September 13, 2021
Our improved login and email confirmation experience has been extended to Campaign Pages, Event Ticketing pages and Donation Widgets.
Already added to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising and Team Fundraising pages, this expands use of our revised, “unified” login functionality to all donors or ticket purchasers wishing to pay with a saved card, and fundraisers logging in to an existing account or creating a new one through campaign or event pages and widgets.
Latest Update - September 9, 2021
We have launched a reconfigured Support Center and, with it, a new and improved Resource Hub!
As part 2 of our ongoing effort to update and reorganize, which we relaunched in June, the Support Center makes it easier for all Give Lively users — member nonprofits as well as non-member nonprofits, fundraisers and donors — to find information and tools. The refreshed Resource Hub houses the same instructional technical content but is easier than ever to navigate with reimagined home, product and solution pages, and redesigned articles.
Latest Updates - September 8, 2021
Nonprofits can again set a desired default donation frequency (one-time or monthly) on all donation forms.
A fix has returned full functionality after a short lapse for a few nonprofits. Donors can still always choose either frequency option when donating. Learn how to change default donation frequency.
A small fix was made to credit card fields on donation forms viewed in the Firefox browser.
For a short time, some required Stripe fields were hidden from donors using a saved card to donate. The affected fields are once again visible on all browser types. Learn how to troubleshoot donation form errors that donors may see.
Latest Updates - September 1, 2021
Donate Now
button text on Campaign Pages (Story Template only) on mobile devices is visible again.
The text was briefly styled in the same color as the background, so it appeared invisible. Learn how to build a Campaign Page.
After a short disappearance, the lock icon on our revised, “unified” login page is back where it should be.
This improved login page is for Give Lively users/members with multiple Give Lively identities — donors, nonprofit admins and fundraisers.
Latest Update - August 31, 2021
Our improved login experience has been extended to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising and Team Fundraising pages.
It adds a new layer to our revised, “unified” login page for users/members with multiple Give Lively identities (donors, nonprofit admins… and now fundraisers). This includes use of the new, clean password reset style and flow, launched in late June.
Latest Update - August 25, 2021
All links on Campaign Page (Default Template) descriptions are visible again.
The links were briefly styled in the same color as the background, so they appeared invisible. Learn how to fill in a Campaign Page’s basic information, including a page description.
Latest Update - August 24, 2021
We are very pleased to begin rolling out the latest version of Give Lively for Salesforce!
This release deepens the integration between the two services, making data available in Salesforce that was previously accessible only via export. This new version (1.3) debuts new custom objects and a variety of fields, allowing users greater access to Give Lively data without ever leaving Salesforce. It also bundles a pair of permission sets that make it easier to grant access to users, and now fully supports the syncing of donations from Give Lively Peer-to-Peer Fundraising and Team Fundraising pages.
Latest Updates - August 19, 2021
A fix has been made to the
Clear Cart
button on Event Ticketing pages.
In select cases, this button was not clearing the donation amount. Learn how to build an Event Ticketing page.
Nonprofits applying for Give Lively membership no longer receive duplicate emails acknowledging their applications.
Every new applicant automatically receives a note advising that their application is under review, but for a brief time some applicants were receiving more than one such email. Learn about the Give Lively membership application process.
Three visual bugs have been addressed:
  • On closed Campaign Pages, the text in the
    Donate Now
    button is again visible. It had briefly been the same color as the button background, so the button looked blank. Learn how to close a Campaign Page and what happens when you do.
  • For nonprofits with a white brand color, improved color contrasts between the text and background in leaderboard rankings again render everything fully visible. Black texts had been disappearing into the black background. Learn about the Leaderboard.
  • The donation progress bar is no longer being pushed out of clear view on some Live Display pages. Learn how to set up Live Display.
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