Latest Update - November 26, 2021
The error indicators on Event Ticketing donations forms are fully functional again.
When a donor leaves a required information field blank on a donation form, an error indicator should appear. For a short time this was not true in all cases, but is now fixed. Learn how to add questions (and make them required) to Event Ticketing pages.
Latest Update - November 24, 2021
Following last week’s launch of Charity Navigator's Giving Basket, powered by Give Lively, we are improving the overall user experience for both nonprofits and donors.
For nonprofits, the Giving Basket Reports portal:
  • now has a dark green menu bar, so that Give Lively members who also receive donations through the Giving Basket can easily distinguish between their User Portal and the Reports portal;
  • has shifted the “Log out” button to the top right dropdown to match the layout of the User Portal;
  • has been optimized for mobile users: The left hand navigation is now responsive to screen size, converting to a dropdown navigation tool on devices that use a narrow screen.
For donors:
  • The Giving Basket now includes FAQs conveniently incorporated into the payment experience so that any concerns can be answered directly. Giving Basket FAQ section
Have more questions about the Giving Basket? Dive into the details through our FAQs.
Latest Updates - November 19, 2021
A rare issue with the Campaign Page donation tracking thermometer has been resolved.
When a contributing peer-to-peer fundraiser was deleted after receiving only offline donations, the donation total of the tracking thermometer on the associated Campaign Page was not updating with the reduced amount. Learn how to add offline donations to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising pages and delete Peer-to-Peer Fundraising pages.
A display glitch on Campaign Pages in the Default Template has been fixed.
We’ve resolved a minor alignment issue (only in Chrome browsers) of the custom amount donation field of Default Template Campaign Pages. Check out our ultimate guide to designing successful Campaign Pages.
Latest Update - November 17, 2021
We’ve joined forces with Charity Navigator, the world’s largest nonprofit evaluator, to launch a new version of their
Giving Basket
. The Giving Basket, now powered by Give Lively, enables donors to easily support the causes they care about; donors can contribute to multiple nonprofits in one convenient checkout — all right on the Charity Navigator website.
Give Lively members
automatically — and at no extra cost — take full advantage of this new and secure fundraising avenue.
  • They’re listed on Charity Navigator alongside approximately 1 million other 501(c)(3) public charities.
  • They seamlessly receive donation disbursements, either as direct deposits via Stripe or by check for PayPal contributions.
  • Donor data is available instantly through Giving Basket Reports directly within the Nonprofit Admin Portal.
For nonprofits new to Give Lively
, the Giving Basket is an excellent way to experience the power and practicality of our nonprofit fundraising tech, including the new benefits we bring to the Giving Basket, such as:
  • Low and high donation limits — from $1 to $100,000
  • More of each donation reaching nonprofits thanks to the lowest fees available through flexible payment methods, including ACH/direct deposit and one-tap payments with Google Pay
  • Instant donor data through a secure portal
  • Access to the additional fundraising tools that are part of the Give Lively platform.
Paired with Charity Navigator’s long-standing prominence in the nonprofit community as a reliable source of independent nonprofit evaluations, the new Giving Basket is a big win for nonprofits and donors everywhere.
Latest Updates - November 16th, 2021
Direct links to the User Portal have been added from users’ Core Profile and Campaign Pages.
This allows for easier navigation by Give Lively administrators who use the same login email address for the User Portal and their member account. To navigate from Campaign Pages or the Core Profile to the User Portal, administrators can now click on their email address at the top right of any campaign page, once they are logged in. This expands on the cross-connections between Peer-to-Peer/Team Fundraising pages and the User Portal we put in place in September. Learn what and where the User Portal is.
Latest Updates - November 11, 2021
A hiccup with an email notification link sent to team leaders has been fixed.
In Team Fundraising, team leaders receive an email notification each time someone joins their team. The email contains a link to the new teammate’s page. That link has been fixed. Read up on how to be a peer-to-peer team leader: best practices guide.
We continue to make updates to the look and feel of our donation tools and forms,
in the interest of further refining the user experience and boosting accessibility.
  • We made formatting changes to address the readability of links on Core Profiles and Campaign, Peer-to-Peer Fundraising and Team Fundraising pages when light brand colors are used.
  • We corrected the display formatting for Campaign Pages in the Default Template when there is no background image.
For information on optimizing your branding in Give Lively, learn how to set up your background image on Core Profiles, on Campaign Pages, on Peer-to-Peer Fundraising pages and on Team Fundraising pages.
Latest Updates - November 10, 2021
Additional improvements have been made to the
email address confirmation protocols
we started rolling out in June.
  • After confirming their email, Peer-to-Peer fundraisers will now see a success message letting them know the email confirmation was successful.
  • Users who update their email through the User Portal will now be able to navigate back to the User Portal directly through their confirmation email. Email-confirmation
Latest Updates - November 5, 2021
A fix has been made to Live Display (currently in beta).
For a short time, new donation information (donor name and donation amount) was not appearing in Live Display, despite the progress meter accurately reflecting the total amount raised. Learn how to set up Live Display and use Give Lively technology to fundraise during live events.
Latest Updates - November 4, 2021
We continue to make updates to the structure and navigation of the User Portal,
as previously shared
  • Under a revised “My Nonprofits” heading, the welcome screen shows and links directly to the Nonprofit Admin Portal of nonprofits managed by the user.
  • For users who are also nonprofit administrators, a dropdown from the user’s email address in the top navigation bar now includes two elements: “Sign out” and a direct link to the Nonprofit Admin Portal. This improves upon the cross-connection between the two portals first initiated in July.
Latest Updates - October 29, 2021
A change has been made in the way our system creates “slugs,” otherwise known as the part of the url dictated by the name of the fundraising page.
We no longer allow anything but letters, numbers and hyphens (as long as there is no hyphen as the last character in the slug). Learn how to set up a Core Profile or build a Campaign Page.
A hiccup with the HTML code behind event descriptions on Event Ticketing pages has been repaired.
Line breaks within the description text were not displaying properly after syncing with Salesforce. Learn how to build an Event Ticketing page.
Dedicate This Gift
popup on donation forms is back where it should be.
It had been appearing out of place — too low on the page, requiring donors to scroll in search of it — but has been returned to its expected location near the
Dedicate This Gift
button. Learn how to add the ability to give in honor or in memory of someone.
A small fix was made to prevent image issues on Peer-to-Peer Fundraising pages.
In a few very specific circumstances on Peer-to-Peer Fundraising pages, the small images of other individual fundraisers supporting the same campaign were not holding to prescribed dimensions. Learn how users build an individual Peer-to-Peer Fundraising page.
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