Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


New, detailed error messages now appear if nonprofit admins encounter errors connecting Give Lively to Salesforce.
The Give Lively support team is standing by to help if further assistance is needed. Learn how to integrate our platform with Salesforce.
SF error changelog 2-6-24
We’ve restructured the navigation on our website.
Since we launched the current version of the Give Lively website in 2021, so much new detail has been added that the original site navigation no longer suited. To account for everything we have today and allow for future growth, we’ve restructured the navigation. Read about our website’s new navigation.top_nav_bar_2024_op1
We have updated all materials to show that the check processing fee for Giving Basket disbursements by check is now $0.93.
This is $0.01 more than the previous increase, this one due to rising postage rates and imposed by the third party responsible for managing the check preparation and mailing. Disbursement checks are sent to nonprofits that receive donations through Charity Navigator’s Giving Basket, powered by Give Lively, but are not Give Lively members. Learn what the value of the Giving Basket check you receive represents and why the check might not be for the full value of donations received.
To assist donors who file U.S. taxes, we have arranged easy and secure access to a personalized summary of the donations they made to nonprofits that used our fundraising platform in 2023.
This was done in compliance with U.S. federal tax law. All Give Lively member nonprofits will soon be advised of this so that they can support their donors’ tax needs. Donor tax summaries (as well as individual donation receipts) are located in the Give Lively User Portal. Read what and where the Give Lively User Portal is and how donors can find their annual summary of donations.screenshot_2024-01-22_at_3
We made enhancements to our data reporting system.
This accelerates the update speed of our
Line Items (All)
Line Items (Giving Basket)
data reports to ensure near real-time accuracy. Learn how to use the Line Items (All) report.
First-time access to Giving Basket donor data by nonprofits that received Giving Basket donations is operating normally again.
For a short time, the registration process did not recognize valid EINs. Learn more about Charity Navigator’s Giving Basket, powered by Give Lively.
We just released our year in review for 2023.
It had lots of ups and downs but, despite the tumult, Give Lively and our member community of 9,000-plus active nonprofits had a strong and encouraging year. Read the full review of our shared growth and invigorated dedication to mission, community and cause as we look ahead to 2024. Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 1
Line item data reporting about a donor's city and state are now appearing in the correct columns.
For a short time, city information was showing in the state column and state information in the city column. This was only the case when the payment method was Apple Pay or Google Pay. Explore the donor data available for member nonprofits.
We shared details about the $90 million that nonprofits have saved using Give Lively fundraising technology.
These millions are, in essence, Give Lively's charitable gift to the nonprofit community, since the money saved has been redirected toward essential operations and services, not filling the coffers of other service providers like Blackbaud, Bonterra, Classy, Eventbrite and more. Read how we calculated that number and the power of its impact.90_million_banner_op1
We now rely directly on public data available through the IRS for information about nonprofits.
This process is used, for example, to confirm the existence and status of a nonprofit when it applies for Give Lively membership and to collect a mailing address for nonprofits that receive contributions via the Giving Basket and receive disbursements via check. Learn what IRS databases we reference for nonprofit data and how nonprofits can change/update it.
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