Latest Update - January 14, 2022
Several enhancements have been made to the Giving Basket for both donors and nonprofits.
For donors:
  • We closed a loophole that sometimes allowed donors to accidentally make a Giving Basket contribution of less than $1. Donors have a wide range of acceptable donation amounts – from $1 to $100,000 per donation and up to $999,999.99 per cart (containing multiple donations).
  • We improved the Giving Basket user experience by automatically truncating any leading or trailing spaces accidentally added to the first and last name, address, zip code and email address fields on the donation form.
For nonprofits:
  • NPOs viewing the CSV export of their Giving Basket donor data will find three new columns, all related to whether a donation has been disputed. The columns are titled:
    Disputed At
    for the time a dispute occurred,
    Disputed Amount
    for the amount disputed and
    Dispute Status
    for the stage of the dispute resolution.