Latest Update - January 6, 2022
Several enhancements have been made to the Give Lively for Salesforce app.
  • Improved logic for matching new donations to existing contacts. For organizations with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) installed, the sync will now match by Personal Email, Work Email and Alternate Email, in addition to the standard Contact Email field. In the case of multiple matches, the winner is chosen according to total gifts, mailing address and recency. See our Salesforce integration logic and fields, app versions 1.3 and later.
  • Permission sets are now automatically applied whenever a user connects Give Lively to Salesforce, ensuring that the syncing user has rights to all necessary fields and objects. Learn how to connect Give Lively to Salesforce with a different user.
  • Improved accuracy of payment dates according to the syncing user's timezone.
We updated the Giving Basket Reports interface for nonprofits with additional information.
New copy in the
Line Items (Giving Basket)
view now explains what donor data is being displayed on the page and provides links to FAQs with more helpful information for nonprofits receiving funds through the Giving Basket. Learn about the Giving Basket Reports portal and what information is available in it.