Latest Update - January 7, 2021
In the Give Lively for Salesforce app, we have corrected an issue with the proper ordering of related campaigns.
Before the fix, “child campaigns” (such as Peer-to-Peer Fundraising pages) sometimes failed to associate with their “parent campaigns” (the related Campaign Pages) in the correct hierarchy. Learn how to enable campaign hierarchy in Give Lively’s Salesforce integration.
Line Items (Giving Basket)
page in the Giving Basket Reports portal is functioning normally again for all users.
  • A small number of nonprofits that were unable to access their reports are again able to do so.
  • A few line items that had disappeared from a handful of nonprofits’ Donation Report CSVs are now showing again.
A fix has been made to the Giving Basket checkout process.
  • The Giving Basket payment form, cart and edit screen now allow donors to add, see and edit, respectively, the cents in donation amounts.
  • A bug that had caused inconsistencies when removing items from the Giving Basket cart has been resolved.
  • Issues that interfered with mobile screen size responsiveness stemming from long nonprofit names have been fixed.