Latest Update - May 6, 2022
Several minor copy enhancements have been made to the Give Lively membership application and login screens.
The most important of these is a warning message to anyone who tries to apply for a new nonprofit membership account using an email address already associated with an existing member account. It’s a helpful reminder that nonprofit admins can't use the same email address for more than one account. Learn more about how to apply for Give Lively membership.
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continue to improve
the user experience of our anti-card testing software.
Donors who may have been misidentified as card testers by our anti-card testing software can now pick up where they left off in the donation process without having to reenter their information. Learn how strongly we believe in data privacy and security, what security precautions are used to protect credit card information and how to protect against credit card testing.
Information added to the page description on Campaign Pages (Default Template) and Core Profiles is now automatically left-aligned.
Previously it was centered. Learn how to build a Campaign Page and the difference between Campaign Pages and the Core Profile.
In the Giving Basket Reports portal, the on-screen
Line Items (Giving Basket)
report now includes a
Fractional Disbursement Fee
In this column, we show the $0.85 per-check processing fee applied proportionally across the line items included in each check. The existing
Net Amount
column has been updated to account for the fractional disbursement fee deductions. Learn what information is found in the "Line Items (Giving Basket)" report.