Latest Update - November 17, 2021
We’ve joined forces with Charity Navigator, the world’s largest nonprofit evaluator, to launch a new version of their
Giving Basket
. The Giving Basket, now powered by Give Lively, enables donors to easily support the causes they care about; donors can contribute to multiple nonprofits in one convenient checkout — all right on the Charity Navigator website.
Give Lively members
automatically — and at no extra cost — take full advantage of this new and secure fundraising avenue.
  • They’re listed on Charity Navigator alongside approximately 1 million other 501(c)(3) public charities.
  • They seamlessly receive donation disbursements, either as direct deposits via Stripe or by check for PayPal contributions.
  • Donor data is available instantly through Giving Basket Reports directly within the Nonprofit Admin Portal.
For nonprofits new to Give Lively
, the Giving Basket is an excellent way to experience the power and practicality of our nonprofit fundraising tech, including the new benefits we bring to the Giving Basket, such as:
  • Low and high donation limits — from $1 to $100,000
  • More of each donation reaching nonprofits thanks to the lowest fees available through flexible payment methods, including ACH/direct deposit and one-tap payments with Google Pay
  • Instant donor data through a secure portal
  • Access to the additional fundraising tools that are part of the Give Lively platform.
Paired with Charity Navigator’s long-standing prominence in the nonprofit community as a reliable source of independent nonprofit evaluations, the new Giving Basket is a big win for nonprofits and donors everywhere.