Latest Updates - June 30, 2021
Any Event Ticketing page associated with a closed Campaign Page now displays a message making clear that the campaign is no longer active.
The ability of the Event Ticketing page to sell tickets or collect donations for the (closed) campaign is also blocked. This is in keeping with how other Give Lively donation pages work once the life of an associated Campaign Page has run its course. Learn how to build an Event Ticketing page, how to close or cancel an Event Ticketing page and how to close a Campaign Page.
The process by which donors reset their Give Lively account passwords has been improved.
The new, clean password reset style anticipates two things: a revised flow that will see all Give Lively members (donors and nonprofits administrators) logging in from the same place, and a shift from our current Donor Portal to a more universal User Portal. This step follows the security update and email confirmation process launched in May.
CSV exports of donor data (main dashboard CSV and campaign CSVs) have been updated to add a new column:
. This column shows the ID set by the payment processor (currently Stripe or PayPal) and sits alongside the
column that displays the Give Lively ID. The new column is intended to aid in data reconciliation. Learn how to download donor data from the Nonprofit Admin Portal.
We have retired “international mode” from our donation forms.
However, we are retaining and expanding the use of some of the qualities that were specific to it, such as making clear on all forms that donations are in “USD” (U.S. dollars).