Latest Updates - September 29, 2021
A duo of new enhancements has been made to the process of creating individual and team fundraising pages:
  • When account creation and email confirmation is required, email addresses are auto-filled.
  • In line with last week’s improvement, users needing to confirm an email address by selecting the
    Didn't receive confirmation instructions?
    link are, once that operation has been completed, now also pointed back to where they left off in the fundraising page creation flow.
Direct links to the User Portal have been added from users’ Peer-to-Peer Fundraising and Team Fundraising pages.
This allows for easy cross-connection by Give Lively members who use the same login email address for the User Portal and their fundraising pages. It also complements the links added in the other direction. The link from the fundraising pages to the associated User Portal is found by clicking on the user’s email address at the top right of any fundraising page, once the user is logged in. Learn what and where the User Portal is.
Three value-adding changes have been made to the
latest version of our Salesforce app
  • Improved handling of long campaign names in Salesforce syncs
  • Contact records will now be updated with zip codes from credit card transactions
  • Expanded sync status messaging, including when another sync is already in progress and adding the date and time of the last completed refresh.