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Hi Bomee. Thanks for chatting. I'll be right with you.
Give Lively Service
Hello there- I have a usecase that I would love to see Give Lively address. I have been using ActBlue for election-season fundraising for c4s
9:08 AM
Their ActBlue Charities platform allows donors to set up what they call "tandem fundraising" pages for ANY nonprofit who is on their platform. Doesn't require any action on the part of the nonprofit - any supporter can go in and set up a fundraiser with as many nonprofit beneficiaries as they like.
9:09 AM
It's great because the nonprofits don't have to do anything at all, and it's great for donors for occasion-based fundraising like birthdays or Giving Tuesday because I can pick my favorites and ask they all get a portion of my raise
9:10 AM
For Give Lively, it would grow your registered donor base because that would be something they couldn't do without an account.
Seems like a win-win-win.
FYI, they don't have many c3s registered yet so you should maybe get ahead that
9:11 AM
Thank you for writing in Bomee, we do have P2P fundraising and team pages, but the donors would need to make an account login to use it: You can also leave us feedback and suggestions here at this link as well:
Give Lively Service
I am a registered user - where do you have multiple orgs?
9:12 AM
We have a database of multiple organizations with us, are you asking about where you can see them?
Give Lively Service
Actually, I can't even find the donor login
9:13 AM
We don't have a donor portal at this time, donors who have a fundraiser or made a P2P Page would go to their non-profit page to login.
Give Lively Service
So, I can't login, then?
9:15 AM
Maybe you can just walk me through how I would set up a P2P page
From your website, it seemed like the nonprofit has to set that up?
If you have a fundraiser or P2P Page, your non-profit will send you a link. And yes, the non-profit on their end has to enable peer to peer fundraising first
Give Lively Service
So, that is my point.
9:16 AM
This is not a complaint - I'm just pointing out a different scenario for P2P that I think you will start seeing because so many people are using ActBlue this year.
It would be a value-add, and I suggest you put it in whatever you all have as your feature bike rack
I understand, you can let us know about this suggestion using our feedback link for our engineers to see: