We participated in beta testing the Team option in GL. Since we have always had teams, this was a nice option and I was glad to take advantage of it even though I have a schizoid attitude towards teams. On the one hand they are a powerful way to get people engaged who wouldn't go for it on their own, on the other hand they have been a, if not a nightmare, at least a bad dream, from the management point of view. Many of our participants simply don't understand the difference between individual vs team participation. Individuals sign up as teams and teams sign up as individuals and no one really understands the relationship. The problem becomes an issue when we acknowledge top fundraisers in a ceremony after the event. I wonder if it could be disambiguated by creating an either/or option: either the team pools all donations, or they collect them as individuals. Never both. Certainly there should be a global option to turn off general donations to a team.