Top of my wish list is an integration within the form function of LGL that signs a registrant up for a GL P2P page without leaving the registration form, so the creation of the fundraiser page is completely seamless and invisible to the registrant. Is that technically possible? One submit button rules them all? I had many swimmers who were confused by the registration process. Most of them filled out my form, but some went right to the GL fundraiser button bypassing our registration form so I had no data for them. I had participants who could not figure out how to get back to their pages once they made them (more on that below). A direct link, a portal link, to login to the fundraisers P2P page, independent of the campaign widget, that could be positioned on our home page would be clear and welcoming. I had many requests for donor lists. Apparently there is no way for the owner of a P2P page to see all their donors? That seems odd. I don't think there is a way for the page owner to add offline donations, either. I did figure out how to add offline donations to a swimmer page myself, but as per above, there's no search so I had to scroll though many pages to find it first.