Latest Update - December 10, 2021
Following the November
launch of Charity Navigator's Giving Basket
, powered by Give Lively, we are continuing to improve the overall user experience for both nonprofits and donors.
  • When the address field in the Giving Basket checkout flow is being filled out, Google Places API offers autofill options.
  • The cart summary screen design has been improved, making it easier for donors to keep track of their donations.
Have more questions about the Giving Basket? Dive into the details through our FAQs.
  • For non-member nonprofits that received donations, claim codes allowing access to Giving Basket donor data are now case-insensitive and exclude the characters I, L, O, 0 and 1 to ensure clear decipherability.
  • The onboarding process for non-member nonprofits with claim codes now includes links to helpful FAQs.