Latest Update - December 22, 2021
New admin users of the Nonprofit Admin Portal no longer need to reconfirm their email addresses.
When a user accepts an email invitation for admin access to a nonprofit’s Nonprofit Admin Portal, a second email reconfirmation is no longer required. Learn how to add or delete users of the Nonprofit Admin Portal.
For logged-in users (donors, fundraisers, nonprofit admins), direct links to the User Portal have been added to all pages in the fundraising page creation process (individual or team).
This easy navigation to user assets — by clicking on the email address at the top right of updated pages — expands on the cross-connections between Peer-to-Peer/Team Fundraising pages and the User Portal we put in place in September. Learn what and where the User Portal is and how users build an individual Peer-to-Peer Fundraising page.
In certain cases, donors/fundraisers returning to an interrupted account creation/confirmation process no longer need to reconfirm their email addresses.
New donors/fundraisers must confirm their email addresses by clicking on a link sent to their email account within seven days. Now, if that link is used after seven days, it leads to a password reset process that doesn’t require a second email reconfirmation, which had been the case.