Latest Update - November 24, 2021
Following last week’s launch of Charity Navigator's Giving Basket, powered by Give Lively, we are improving the overall user experience for both nonprofits and donors.
For nonprofits, the Giving Basket Reports portal:
  • now has a dark green menu bar, so that Give Lively members who also receive donations through the Giving Basket can easily distinguish between their User Portal and the Reports portal;
  • has shifted the “Log out” button to the top right dropdown to match the layout of the User Portal;
  • has been optimized for mobile users: The left hand navigation is now responsive to screen size, converting to a dropdown navigation tool on devices that use a narrow screen.
For donors:
  • The Giving Basket now includes FAQs conveniently incorporated into the payment experience so that any concerns can be answered directly. Giving Basket FAQ section
Have more questions about the Giving Basket? Dive into the details through our FAQs.