Latest Updates - July 13, 2021
Direct links between the Nonprofit Admin Portal and the User Portal (a/k/a the Donor Portal) have been added for authorized users.
This allows for easy cross-connection by Give Lively members who use the same email address to access the Nonprofit Admin Portal and the User Portal. The link from the User Portal to the associated nonprofit account(s) is located under the new
Your Nonprofits
section on the main User Portal welcome screen after login. The link from the Nonprofit Admin Portal is located in the dropdown from the user’s login email located at the far right of the top nav bar. Learn more about the navigation bar in the Nonprofit Admin Portal and what and where the User/Donor Portal is.
Donor Portal
has been rebranded the
User Portal
This is in anticipation of two ongoing structural improvement projects: (1) a revised flow that will see all Give Lively members (donors and nonprofit administrators) logging in from the same place and (2) a more unified approach to information available to users/members with multiple Give Lively identities (donors, fundraisers, nonprofit admins). In keeping with this the User/Donor Portal login page has been restyled like the clean password reset style released in late June. Learn more about what and where the User/Donor Portal is.
The Leaderboard design has been updated.
It looks and feels more in line with the improvements made to Team Fundraising pages. Learn how to set up the Leaderboard.
As part of ongoing design improvements, nonprofit logos have been removed from the
Choose a Fundraising Option
This is the page through which individual fundraisers can select
Fundraising as a team?
(by joining or creating a team) or
Fundraising on your own?
(by creating their own page). Learn more about how to create successful peer-based fundraising campaigns.
On Campaign Pages using the Story Template, non-brand page elements that are usually white can now be seen when a nonprofit uses white as its brand colors.
Whereas the non-brand elements were sometimes blending into the branded white, automatic increases in color contrast now ensure full visibility. Learn how to design successful Campaign Pages.
button for recurring donations in the User Portal (formerly called the Donor Portal) is again fully visible.
Learn how donors can manage recurring donations in the User/Donor Portal.
A visual hiccup with the Leaderboard page selector has been repaired.
It is back to fitting within the confines of the Leaderboard box. Learn how to set up the Leaderboard.
A repair has returned full functionality to thank-you messages for Event Ticketing page purchases.
Updates to thank-you messages were not saving in the very small handful of cases where the Event Ticketing page shared the same slug (part of the web link) as an individual fundraiser’s page and both were associated with the same Campaign Page. Learn about thank-you messages for Event Ticketing pages.