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Widget/Checkout Dedication Fields and Notifications
Many of the donations to our organization are deductions or tributes (in honor or memory). We’d love to start using the GiveLively checkout, but the dedication only allows the collection of the dedicatee’s name and an email address for notification of the gift. Typically, our donors only have a dedicatee name and maybe a notification mailing address. Our organization prefers to take care of notifications to the appropriate person(s). We’re not sure how many donors wouldn’t know a proper notification email address, but we assume it will be a significant percentage. Ideally, we’d like to present the donor with an either, neither, or both option (mailing and/or email). The Additional Questions (Beta), Mailing Address (Hide/Show), Required before payment option potentially addresses this, but when presented to the donor, is not intuitive. If the required before payment option is selected, a donor would assume the credit card billing address should be entered (a typical checkout). Entering the mailing address after the transaction isn’t intuitive either. I’m sure a donor would prefer to know the proper dedicatee information has been entered prior to making the donation. My suggestions are; 1) Allow the option to display both the billing and shipping fields during the Stripe checkout, but don’t make them required. 2) Allow enabling some customizable Stripe meta data fields. These options would allow quite a bit of flexibility for various GiveLively user requirements without any obligation for GiveLively to store the transaction data details. Passing checkbox (true/false) dedication meta data to Stripe could also solve the notification problem that some users are requesting. Thanks for making the GiveLively platform available and your continued work to facilitate user feature requests.
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